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A view that captured me on my way to Munnar. Majestic is the one word I could associate with this. Part of the Munnar ranges in Kerala, this is actually the foothills of the set of mountains that rise over halfway through the height of Mt Everest. You can read more about my trip to Munnar and the proposed INO site here.

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Shutter: buoyant

A ship anchored near the coast of GoaThis is a ship I happened to spot anchored a walkable distance (if you could walk on water) from the last sand in the Goan coast in India. It was a silt remover which was to be decommissioned soon, we learned from the captain. The picture really does not do justice to its size. How large was it? Try to figure it out yourself: the length of the vessel from the blue chimney you see to the extreme left end is the length of an average Indian main road. Not the breadth, but length. Is its sheer size alone not mind-blowing?

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Jal Mahal: classy

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