This post was never meant to be written

Harold Camping

You read that right. This post was never meant to be written. Just ask Harold Camping, a man who predicted doomsday once, lived through it to predict a second one, all twice over.

In my earlier post warning you about what would not happen today (and openly mocking Camping in the process) I promised to return on May the 22nd and officially mock those who claimed today was the rapture. Here I am. And for the rest of us who went through today like any other normal, frustrating (or unbelievably interesting) day, mazel tov! Continue reading

Somebody just preponed death!

Apparently, the end is nigh for most of us humans. The eBible Fellowship is just one among many claimants (Family Radio being the other major claimant) of the fact that judgement day is May the 21st; and five months later, on October 21st, we shall witness the end of the world.

Now I do not know if this is a race to declare an ‘end of the world’ date, but these fellows seem to believe that the Mayan prediction of December the 21st 2012 is not the end of the world, rather it is October this year! Continue reading