If there is something raging in the blogogsphere it is what I (and a few others I have known) call it blogetiquette. It is like ethics, but through blogs. And it takes many forms: you comment on mine, I’ll visit and comment on yours; you publicise mine, I’ll get visitors to yours and the often seen, you guest blog on mine and I’ll think of doing it on yours. Those are just to give you an idea, anyway.

Given all that, if you are interested in writing a guest blog for Mondegreen, read on.

What you get out of it

What you get from guest blogging is pretty much constant everywhere: you get readers of a different kind, like those that probably do not always visit your site, you and your site get popularity as people stumble upon you on Mondegreen; and of course the joy that you have been published elsewhere and that, having reached a large audience, it is paying off.

How do you guest blog?

If you are interested, head to the contact page, fill in the contact form letting me know if you wish to write a guest blog and on what you wish to write and what grounds you hope cover. Then I will get back to you soon and we can work things out just fine!

One important note is that I try not to publish too many science related articles here. Instead I do that on my website, The Scientific Papers. For further details regarding this, please read the submission guidelines for science articles here.

So think you are up to it? Go ahead, write to me and we will together have post on the Web in no time! And you are free to get something from me, perhaps an article, or an html advertisement along with your article, in return. You did not think I would ask you to do it for nothing but the sheer pleasure of writing, did you?

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