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If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane

Got back from watching Mad Max again. It’s a beautiful action film, which is not quite how I ever expected to describe an action film. After watching it I read about director George Miller’s conditions for his DP, requiring cinematography to be as colourful as possible, and I think that is what made the most impact. Another aspect that comes to mind is the sparse dialogue, which allowed Miller and his viewers to focus on the visuals. This one is easily a film everyone will remember for a long time; or at least until Mad Max: the Wasteland.

I’d been blogging it all wrong

About three days back (it already seems like a week) I decided to start writing “aside” posts on my website. Today I realised after four asides that I’d been doing it all wrong: those tiny, passing thoughts were not meant to be recorded in my website alongside serious writing. They were meant to for this Tumblr of mine. So, like enlightenment, it finally dawns on me why I kept this Tumblr alive all these days and how I can use it alongside my man site without it becoming a burden: ponder jovially here, write seriously there.
I’ll write more about this on my site if I find time and link to the article here.


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Inside Tippu Sultan’s abandoned armoury


The Game — iPhone 6 Plus short film from Venkatram Harish Belvadi on Vimeo.

Conceived and photographed in an afternoon, this open-ended story was filmed with an iPhone 6 Plus using the stock camera app.

Read more: vhbelvadi.com/making-the-game-iphone-short-film/


The Game — an iPhone 6 Plus short film from Venkatram Harish Belvadi on Vimeo.

Conceived and filmed in an afternoon using only the stock camera app on iPhone 6 Plus, under complete natural lighting.


Deep in the darkness
A howling sound echoes
Sorrow moans


Brisk and confident swishing
Putter and patter of feet
On top of the world


You,” I said, “are sweet music in a distant room.

Patrick Rothfuss